Day 5: Things are looking up!

Today’s workout was excellent! Mentally I am in a much better place than I have been which helps a lot. Being positive and having a good outlook on things mentally is huge in performing and feeling well. This whole journey is so much more than just being able to touch my toes or having a six pack, it’s about living right, making good decisions, looking and feeling great all the time. There is the mental aspect which is likely the most important in my opinion along with the physical aspects and the diet. I am still working on the diet but am happy with my mental and physical progress to this point. I am going to add in Yoga next week along with the diet. As soon as I feel that I am flexible enough to perform the movements with proper form I will be adding in strength training. Strength training is a very important component to this whole process not only for men but for women as well. Today I ran for 20 minutes and was able to go a bit farther than I did on Monday. Things are coming along great! I have not lost any weight for those of you who are wondering. This is not a problem in my eyes, I am feeling better and the weight will come off once I get the diet in check. I don’t put much merit into scales or who much I weigh anyways. Circumference measurements are a much more accurate gauge of progress in my opinion. Tomorrow is Day 6, I will be running a mile. I’ll be back with another video and post but until then have a great day!

Day 4: A Step in the Right Direction

Today was a much better day! Both mentally and physically I was ready to go and everything went very smooth. The run felt great. I had slated to run a mile and was hoping to hit around 8 minutes. When I got out on the run I was feeling really good so I kicked it up a notch and ended up running it in 7:23. I am very pleased with that result. I am continuing to work on my flexibility and am seeing small improvements. I would like to see improvements at a faster rate but that’s not the nature of the beast, this is a marathon not a sprint. I will get where I want to be but it is going to take some time. I am getting the book “Becoming a Supple Leopard” which I understand to be one of the best books out there on flexibility and mobility. I am very excited to have it in hand and start learning and applying the principles within it. Mentally today I did a lot better. I have really been cracking down and reading several self improvement books and applying the principles to my life and it is helping tremendously but as I said before this is a marathon not a sprint. I took a before photo today, it is posted below. I currently weight between 203 and 205. It fluctuates daily. I don’t put a lot of merit into weight so I won’t talk about it a lot. My fat loss goals are in terms of inches and body fat percentages not weight. That’s a lengthy topic for another day. I am happy with how I am progressing and I am excited for the days to come. Tomorrow is day 5 which will be a 20 minute run. I have struggled with the other two timed runs this week but am looking to improve upon that tomorrow. A lot of it is mental. It’s difficult to go out there and jog for 20-25 minutes and keep your head into it. There are little aches that come up, small muscle cramps, you get winded and by the end of it it’s a battle. Knowing that those are the complications and that the mental break down is coming I am going to try to prepare myself before the run so that does not happen. I’ve read a lot lately about getting into the right mindset and Elvis’ 1000 yard walk and I am going to try to apply the concepts of that to my workout tomorrow and see how it goes. That’s all for today I will be back tomorrow with day 5 until then have a great day!


Day 3: 25 Minute Battle

Day 3 was an absolute struggle, both physically and mentally. I basically had to drag myself outside to do the workout and to be honest if not for the videos and these blog posts I likely would have skipped it all together.¬†Mentally I just was not focussed and I was letting my mind wander which is a terrible thing when trying to complete a workout. On top of that I woke up incredibly sore. To the point that I was having troubles walking and getting up and down the stairs.¬†I warmed up a lot, more than yesterday and was still feeling a little tight but it wasn’t so bad that I didn’t think I could go. Slated for today was a 25 minute run and that is what I did. This first week I am just trying to build a foundation for what is to come. Over the course of six weeks I will be building up to one of the most intense sprint workouts I have ever done. I have completed it before but I have never had a set program to work up to it. I wrote the program and am using myself as the guinea pig to see how it goes. Right now it’s rough, next week may even be rough but as time goes on it will begin to get easier. I also need to hone in my diet. It’s out of control and I pay for it dearly. I am tired, groggy and sluggish. I put all of that on the diet which fortunately is something that can be fixed. Tomorrow I have slated to run a mile. I stretched out for a long time tonight and did some foam rolling before sitting down to type this, I am still pretty sore but not as bad as I was this morning the foam rolling really seems to have helped. Well it’s off to bed I will be back with day 4 tomorrow Stay tuned!

Day 2: A Soggy Run

I woke up today feeling very sore and tight. I really tried to focus on getting properly warmed up before doing this workout. On the slate for today was a mile run. I debated just going through the warmups and not doing the run because of how tight and sore I was. I decided to go ahead with the mile anyways. It wasn’t suppose to be a fast mile just a mile and it certainly wasn’t fast but I did push it a bit harder than I had planned. I tend to do that when I am out running, I will pick up the pace for no good reason and end up killing myself on what was suppose to be an easy day. The main realization of today is that I am a lot less flexible than I perceived myself to be. After reviewing the film I couldn’t believe how much my basic mechanics suffer from my tight muscles. I talk pretty in depth about it in the video and was aware coming in that it was a weak point of mine. It has always been a weak point of mine, I just wasn’t aware of how bad it had become until seeing it first hand in the video for today. I am going to continue with the program I designed as planned but I am definitely going to add in more stretching, foam rolling, yoga and mobility work. It’s a major set back and carry’s over poorly not only into my fitness goals but also into my overall well being. Aside from that I am happy that I braved the rain and got this workout in today. It’s going to be a lot of hard work to get to where I want to be but I am glad I decided to document all of this and bring whoever is following me along with me on this journey. I will be back tomorrow with Day 3 below is the video from today. I will also be periodically updating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with this journey. Instagram will likely get the most use out of all of them. See you tomorrow!

Day 1: The Journey Begins

Today is day 1 of my fitness journey. This has been a bumpy road for me. Always starting, stopping, starting again. I’ve been in great shape only to fall right back out of shape. It seems to be a never ending struggle of being fit and motivated and being out of shape and unmotivated. This time I want it to be different, this time I will succeed. I am going to detail everything I do on my YouTube channel and here. Today I did a 20 minute run. I am a lot more out of shape than I realized and it was pretty rough. I didn’t run exceptionally hard but my heart rate was pretty high for the duration of the run. More running and stretching tomorrow. Flexibility is definitely my weak point and something I am going to work on by incorporating Yoga and some flexibility movements in my routine. This is only the beginning. I still need to work on my diet and a plethora of other things but I am very excited that I have taken the first step and am on my way to getting back on track. I will be posting on YouTube every day and I am going to try to post here every day as well if you would like to follow along or join me on this journey now you know how! Until tomorrow, thanks for stopping by!

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