Hello, and thanks for stopping by. The most common question people ask me is “what do you do?” That’s a tough one. I suppose you could say I’m a serial entrepreneur. I sold pumpkins when I was 4 or 5 (with the help of my grandfather of course), I made a few attempts at selling vegetables, I spent 13 summers doing landscaping and mowing for my uncle, one summer of construction, I constructed and sold corn hole boards for 7 years. I’ve been to all but 12 states by way of several road trips. I built a YouTube channel up to 6000+ subscribers, on the channel I reviewed toy cars. I owned a part of a news website and was the photographer covering mostly high school sports. I had a photography business where I photographed weddings, children, models, bands and many other things. The photo business branched into a music review blog and while it was a blast at the time I knew nothing about online marketing so like many of these other ventures it didn’t last. Wood working is a hobby of mine. I spent a summer attempting to learn how to program iPhones. I hack my way through building/tweaking/managing my own and my wife’s websites using WordPress. Though the certification has since expired I have earned a personal training certification and worked briefly in a gym. I enjoy watching football and reading non fiction books, primarily business, marketing and self improvement books. I owned a drum kit for 5 years, I never was very good but I had a lot of fun trying. I have a kayak and enjoy exploring the lakes and rivers in northern Indiana. More recently I have helped my wife open a yoga studio.

All of that and I never answered the initial question “what do you do?” I don’t really have an answer to that question. I’m in between, looking for the next opportunity that intrigues me, it will come along but until then I’m just going to do my best to enjoy life.