My Interpretation of the Universe: 2017

This is what I believe now. Parts of this, hell, even all of this, could change at any given time if the information presented to me warranted such a change. This has been years in the making. This has changed more times than I’d like to admit in the last 10 years but those changes, the new knowledge and experiences that changed previous views, have crafted my beliefs into what they are today. Despite the possibility of this changing it’s highly unlikely that I will ever edit this. I want to leave it here, in it’s entirety. In the event that something does change, I’ll just start over and write it again. Those beliefs are below.

Chapter 1: The Ground Rules

Before we can get into anything there has to be an understanding, a deep understanding and what potentially could be a complete questioning of everything you know. If you’re not willing to potentially throw everything you’ve ever known out the window then you should probably just quit now, while you’re still ahead. If you have an open mind and are willing to challenge some shit within your mind, keep going, we’re going to be friends, we’re going to have a good time together.

When you’re born everything is new to you, the way the air feels on your skin, breathing, crying, making sound, hearing sound, seeing light, feeling sensations, all of it is 100% new. You’ve never done any of it before. You have to figure out how to interpret all of these signals you’re intercepting. To do that you have to figure out how to use your brain. Your brain is the powerhouse, it’s the great interpreter. Without your brain none of this world exists in your reality.

While I’d thought about each person’s reality being uniquely their own before, the concept of the statement “each person’s reality is unique” really smacked me in the face when I came across a YouTube channel called The Tommy Edison Experience. It’s a channel where Tommy Edison shares his world view, and stories from his life, here’s the catch; he’s been blind since birth. Things that sighted people take for granted he has absolutely no concept of. Everyday things like, clouds, stars, colors, skyscrapers, large animals, he has no concept of. He can’t grasp it because he’s never experienced it. Other things that we take for granted such as automobiles and the ocean he has incredibly different perceptions of. To hear him talk about the ocean or an automobile is an incredible thing. I recommend that everybody reading this take some time and go watch his channel. It’s an eye opener.

There are plenty of people who are blind, deaf, missing limbs, or have other disabilities. It’s pretty widely accepted that their experience is different from whatever we consider to be a “normal” experience. I guess “normal” meaning defect free. I’d like to challenge that. I don’t think that there is a “standard” or “normal” experience. I think that every human has a completely unique experience when compared to the experience of every other human.

Here is why, your brain is unique to you, the way you see colors (or nothing at all) is unique to you, the way you hear sounds is unique to you, the things you taste and smell, your perception of hot and cold, pain, all unique to you. Your emotions are unique to you. Think of the color green, (using this one because it’s my favorite), when you think of the color green I’m sure something comes to mind instantly. Whatever that thing is, is unique to you. While other people may have thought of the same object or place or emotion, that object, place or emotion is something entirely different to them than it is to you. Because the memory that they are having is attached to their perception of color and their feelings.

I like to think of this like sunglasses. When you put on sunglasses it changes your perception of everything around you. The same is true for your emotions. If you are angry the world looks different to you than it does when you’re happy. You have a library of memories and experiences in your mind all of which are clouded by how you felt when you made them. Here’s the interesting thing, each of your memories and experiences going forward are shaped by your past. It’s hard to change your perception of something. Think about it, I’m sure there are restaurants you refuse to eat at because you had a bad experience one time when you went there. Meanwhile people are raving about how awesome that same exact restaurant is.

I find it absolutely fascinating that each person has their own unique experience. Think about it, if we are both eating strawberries, we may both agree that they are delicious and taste like strawberry but the very taste, the very meaning of “strawberries are delicious” is completely unique to each of us. The uniqueness of our own experience is why you can have a group of people in the same place at the same exact moment and get as many different stories about what is happening as there are people, despite them all standing in nearly the same spot at the same time.

The part where this gets more fucked up is the part about how accurate are brains are. As humans we think that we know it all, our brains are not wrong and we have this extremely strong desire to be right. It’s just the way that it is. The problem is the way we remember things is highly inaccurate. The more time that passes from the event and the present day the more inaccurate our brain becomes. It’s also been proven that our brains can be duped into “remembering” shit that never happened. This is a fascinating thing in and of itself but with conditioning we can be brought to believe things that never even happened.

Not only is our experience unique, it’s also highly inaccurate. There’s a lot of research out there on these topics but for the purposes of this writing it’s only important to understand the concepts that everything you know is unique to you and that everything you know is also probably a lie based on the blatant inaccuracies of our memory.

Just because your world is 100% unique to you doesn’t mean that the world and universe only exist in your mind. The universe was here before you were born and it’s going to keep on keeping on long after you are gone. There is some debate out there about this theory. There are people who believe that if it isn’t in your experience then it doesn’t exist. This is an extremely interesting concept. Basically if you can’t directly experience it right now at this moment then it doesn’t exist. This is not my belief. I believe that there is a completely objective universe and we are just here experiencing it through our own light. Your home is still there whether you’re there or not. New York City is still bustling whether you’re there or not. The sun is still pumping out radiation whether it’s dark in your part of the world or not. These things may just be absent from your current experience.

Chapter 2: Energy

The sun emits energy, the universe is absolutely loaded with energy. It flows through everything that we know here on earth and everything we don’t know out in space. Energy is absolutely everywhere, all the time. Plants here on earth have adapted to be able to accept the energy from the sun and through photosynthesis are able to transform it into something usable. Animals have adapted to be able to eat the plants, and in some cases other animals, and convert that into usable energy. Here on earth, without the sun, nothing exists as we know it. Life is dependent on the energy from the sun. The sun of course is just our nearest star that we have given the loving name of “sun” but regardless, we wouldn’t be here without it.

The energy that is here is in everything. Everything is made up of atoms, which are made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. Everything is constantly moving, everything has a constant vibration. Even seemingly still objects like rocks, steel, concrete, plastic, all of it has some form of a constant vibration. As humans we are able to interpret some of these vibrations with our senses. We can feel heat and the lack of it which we know as cold. We can hear and in some cases feel sound. We can see colors and the lack of color. All of these things are just vibrations that we have the proper receptors to interpret. These vibrations are what shape our perception of the world as described in chapter one.

What we often forget is there is a whole host of vibrations that we can’t detect as humans. Think about things like a dog whistle, dogs go nuts but most of the time humans can’t hear it. We can’t see infrared or x-rays. We can’t see or hear radio waves. There is an extremely limited set of energy waves that we can interpret. The interesting thing is that outside of that there is an entire realm completely unknown to us for the most part. We obviously have come up with instrumentation to be able to pick up some of these things but as far as a direct interpretation, using only our bodies we have no concept of the majority of the vibrations around us.

It’s fascinating to me that there is so much constantly happening around us, yet we have no idea that it’s even there. A lot of it we use and take for granted, tv signals, radio waves, cell phone signal, all of those things are vibrations that we use frequently but really have no direct interpretation of. Now that there is an understanding of the idea that there’s a bunch of shit happening around us all the time that we can’t directly interpret, let’s talk a bit more about the things that we can interpret.

We can interpret the things that our senses allow us to interpret, sights, sounds, tastes, physical feelings, and smells. Obviously it goes much, much deeper than that but for simplicity we’re going to leave it at the 5 common senses. All of these things are interpreted by our brain. Our brain uses energy to store these things, our brain uses energy to function. Our brains are just a bunch of tiny electrical pulses firing rapidly. Our brains interpret what we allow them to interpret based on how we train them to interpret things throughout our lives, again this is entirely unique to each person.

They say that our brains use 80% of the calories that we burn each day. That’s a lot of energy expenditure. Using that kind of energy clearly sends out radiation to the world. I believe that we can pick up on that energy, I believe we can feel it, but I believe that we learn early on to tune it out. People generally agree that dogs can sense bad people, well I think people can sense bad people in the same way. Not just bad people though, all people. If you learn how to tune into the energy that the other people who are around you are putting out then I think you can get a read on nearly all people. Remember, everything is vibrating, I think that whether we have a conscious ability to interpret it or not our brains have the ability to interpret it. Another example is animals who flee an area before disaster strikes. I believe humans can tap into the same thing that sets them off and receive those same kind of premonitions.

The problem with humans and why we don’t do this is first of all I think we learn to tune it out at an early age because picking up on every one of the constant vibrations around us would be massively noisy inside of our heads. I also think that we distract ourselves from the reality of the world, constantly. We are always worried about what’s happening in our tiny worlds that we don’t even pay attention to the bigger picture.

The unique thing about humans is the fact that we are self aware. Nothing else on earth is self aware. There have been tests with animals and mirrors, they are not self aware. The evolution of our brains to have the ability to be self aware is what sets us apart, at least from an intelligence standpoint. Because we are self aware we have the ability to improve upon that self. Being self aware allows us to make choices outside of the standard survival choices. We are able to think about things other than basic survival. This is why humans have been able to build such fantastic infrastructure throughout the world.

We essentially have the ability with our brains to bend energy. Plants take energy from the sun and use it to grow, if they don’t get enough water or sun, they die. Very simple. Animals take it a step further, animals take energy from plants and use it to mate and socialize. Humans take that to the next step which is that we can use it to do basically whatever we want within the limits of physics. We are able to consciously change our thoughts from high frequency to low frequency and back again. With this ability comes great responsibility.

Before I go any further there is another concept I need to discuss. The concept is that because everything is constantly vibrating the states of those vibrations are constantly changing. Think of it like a flow. The energy that is out there in the universe is constantly flowing. It flows through everything that vibrates. Whether it be bricks, concrete, humans, plants, other animals, whatever, it’s a constant flow. I believe that energy get’s slightly tweaked when it flows through anything. When energy flows through something the frequency of the vibration is changed. Either the vibration is raised to a higher frequency or it is slowed to a lower frequency. The part where I believe humans are unique is that I believe we have the ability to consciously choose whether we change that energy to a high frequency or a low frequency as it flows through us.

I also believe that energy has a memory. I believe that all energy works the same as the energy inside of our brains. Think of it like a computer, a series of ones and zeros. Sound can be transmitted over waves, video can be transmitted over waves, so then why can’t experiences be transmitted through the air from human to human? Or just left out in the universe in general? I believe that it can. If I’m sitting here feeling sad I believe the people around me can feel that. Likewise if I am happy and energetic I believe people can feel that too. Ever walk into someones house after they have been fighting and despite their best efforts to put on a happy face you just “feel” that it’s off in there? This is exactly what I am talking about. Once the people get over it and change their vibrations the vibration in the home goes back to “normal” as well.

Another way to think of this is to think about the heat from the sun on some bricks or the sand at the beach. The bricks and the sand both radiate heat long after the sun has gone down. This is the exact kind of memory I am talking about. I believe that as humans we put the same kind of “loaded” vibrations out into the universe and if someone is willing then they can pick them up way after the fact and interpret the feeling or thoughts that were left behind.

Now that we have the theory out of the way I don’t believe that there is such a thing as “good” energy or “bad” energy. I believe that all energy is neutral. Regardless of high frequency or low frequency I believe that it is all neutral. I believe that someone emitting a high frequency can make a good decision just as easily as they can make a bad decision. This is where the self awareness comes back into the picture. Your mind, your world view, from your experiences determines what you think is good and bad. Just because things are universally accepted by most humans as good and bad doesn’t mean that they are objectively either. If I kill someone who is trying to kill my mother is that bad? What about if I kill someone just because I feel like it? What’s the difference? Where is the line? If we are looking at it purely from an energy standpoint they are equal actions. Both of them are removing another being from the flow of universal energy and that is it. It’s not good or bad, it just is. However because humans have deemed it bad to murder, we interpret it as bad.

Since everything vibrates and similar things attract, I believe that we have the ability to attract whatever we want in life simply by vibrating at that level. Emit the waves you want to receive and you’ll be surprised at what sort of things start coming your way. It’s really just a matter of focussing on what you want and ignoring what you don’t.

Chapter 3: You Are The Master

I mentioned earlier that when you are born you must learn how to interpret all of the signals around you. You also have to learn a lot of other things. You have to learn what things hurt you, “don’t touch the stove!” For instance. Side note, you touched that motherfucker anyways didn’t you? You have to learn the limitations of your body. In time you figure out how to walk, how not to burn yourself on the stove, you learn the native language of the people around you, you learn how to treat people, you learn how not to get taken advantage of… this list could literally be infinite. The point is everything you know is learned.

The language you speak natively has a huge impact not only in how you learn things but also in how you view the world. I read an article not too long about color and how different people see color differently based on how their language treats it. I wish I knew where that was because it was an extraordinarily interesting read. Essentially there are languages that instead of having a name for every fucking color they lump them into groups. When tested these people interpret color VERY differently than do people who have names for every shade and color. The point is that literally everything we know is learned at some point and while we see everything through our own lens, our native language also creates a lens that plays an enormous factor in how we sculpt the world around us. There have been many times that I have used Google translate only to find that there is not a word in English that suits what the other language was trying to say. Language plays an enormous factor in our world view and it’s something that we essentially have no control over, unless of course you set out to learn a different language at some point later in life.

First and foremost you must be the master of yourself. You’re never going to be able to learn everything, or even everything about a single subject matter for that matter because everything is constantly evolving. Our way of viewing things constantly evolves, our way of interpreting data constantly evolves, and most of the time whatever it is that we are studying also is constantly evolving. Because of this we must master ourselves. Yes, of course our bodies and minds are also constantly evolving however we have to master the basics. We have to learn how to control our emotions, we have to learn how to control our bodies in space, we have to learn how to communicate effectively and we have to learn how to use our brains.

It is only after we have a firm sense of who our own self is and exactly how to use the body that we are trapped in that we are able to expand upon that. Think about something complex you know how to do really well, whether it’s using a camera, playing the drums or even something like operating an excavator. In each of those examples there is a very steep learning curve in order to get really good at it. Think of your body the same way. You spend most of your childhood being clumsy and awkward, then you finally figure it out and puberty happens and you have to start all over again. Then you’re good for a few years and as you start aging there are new things you have to figure out but as you age you’re more prepared because you’ve already figured it out twice. You know how your body works in space, walking is second nature, you at least have some idea of how to control your emotions, as you get older there are less things to figure out and things change more slowly.

Slowly throughout your life you start to become the master of yourself. The earlier in life you figure this out the more options that you will have available to you. If you’re already the master of your own body and mind then learning something new is infinitely easier because it removes the barriers of the body and the mind and allows you to give yourself entirely to the new endeavor.

I oftentimes hear people saying that they are too old to try something new. I do not believe that at all. It’s absolutely never to late to try or learn something new. I believe that anybody out there at any time can learn anything that they truly set their mind to learning. But first, they must be the master of themselves.

To maintain the mastery of oneself it requires taking time to reflect on your days. You must reflect on what you’ve done, figure out what went right, and what went wrong and apply that to where you want to go. That is the only way to maintain mastery and continually progress toward being the best version of yourself. That is really all that you can control from day to day; “am I a better version of me than I was yesterday?” You cannot compare yourself to other people because they have their own unique universe that they live in with unique goals and unique expectations. Most of the time when we compare ourselves to others we don’t have a clue who they are, why they do what they do or what their goals are. It’s like comparing apples to oranges yet we beat ourselves up and get all down about it.

Chapter 4: Human Constructs

The fundamental issue with most things that we “know as truth” isn’t that our memory is shit, as are our sensory receptors, but rather that almost everything we “know” is the result of a human construct. Everything we know is as it relates to humans, or rather some value that humans put on it hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. Most times these things work, we don’t put much thought into them and we go on with our day. For example, units of measurement, in the U.S. and a select few other countries we measure things with the imperial system which is basically based entirely in random shit because somebody back in the day said that was the proper way to measure shit and that’s just the way it is. 12 inches in a foot, 3 feet in a yard, 5280 feet in a mile… it’s all just random shit, made up, by a human. Of course the metric system is random shit made up by a human as well but it’s in base 10 so it’s easier to use and remember. 100 centimeters in a meter, 1000 meters in a kilometer etc. It’s important to understand that just because the metric system seems easier and seems to make more sense it’s still just some arbitrary values made up by a human.

Time is also an arbitrary thing made up by humans. A day is 24 hours, which is 60 minutes, which each have 60 seconds… which is actually not right. 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds is actually how long a day is, well “day” is the term used to describe how long it takes the earth to make a full rotation on it’s axis. It’s off so badly that every 4 years there is an extra day added to the calendar to make up for it. But minutes and hours and seconds and days are again, all just shit made up by humans.

As humans we observe the world as it is. Through observing we discovered things, like the fact that things fall toward to the ground and that the earth is not only spinning on an axis but also rotating around the sun. We also discovered through observation that these things we were observing have mass and also that we were capable of traveling. These observations made it necessary to have a way to track and record what we were observing so these systems were put into place. We gave arbitrary values to things so that we could record it and progress. Through history we continued to observe the universe and the things in it and we developed constants, rather values that were always true given our arbitrary set values. Using these constants and values we created systems to work out these given values and how they relate to each other. We call thee systems and relationships, physics, geometry, trigonometry, calculous, algebra or simply, math.

As humans we love to observe and compare, in doing so we love to believe in absolutes. The problem with this is that the universe is chaos, complete random chaos. It’s hard to have absolutes when the universe is chaos. All that math and physics I was talking about up there, usually neglects a lot of factors to make it work. For most of our education in life we are taught that “these equations work when considering things in a vacuum.” Meaning, no air resistance or any other effect of friction for that matter.

We also like to discuss absolutes in other areas of life, fitness for example. We have this idea that if some workout or diet plan worked for us as an individual then it absolutely works for every human on the planet… unfortunately that’s not true. We are all unique and different things work for all of us. Remember we are all living our own unique experience?

As humans we want our ideas and beliefs to desperately be the right ones, we hate being wrong, we will argue to the death over the most minute of things just to prove that our view, our belief, is the right one. Here’s the thing, it is the right one, for you, just like whatever you’re arguing against is likely right, for the person you’re arguing against.

This is where it gets sketchy, we have laws, laws were created by people who believed their world view was the correct one. These laws generally are accepted by the majority of society, except when they aren’t. Laws are a human construct. I have always had an issue with laws and authority because I don’t believe that any one person holds, or should hold, any more power than someone else. Politics and laws give people that power. Here in the United States we have jury trials, therefore a group of your fellow citizens get to decide if what you did was wrong enough to serve time in jail or on probation or whatever. Like I said earlier, these things are just arbitrary events to the universe, it’s us as humans that decide if they are “right” or “wrong” and whether or not society should punish the individual for it. Ultimately I believe that if what you’re doing does absolutely no harm to anybody else then there is no reason for me, or anybody else for that matter to step in and stop or punish you. It’s really pointless. If you are involved in a violent crime then punishment likely is necessary but again it would hinge on the circumstances. If someone is harassing you and you act out by beating their ass then it’s probably not your fault. Obviously this would have to be viewed as a case by case basis but I am all for freedom.

Nudity and profanity are big ones for me. Nudity and profanity are censored from TV, they are censored from records, and newspapers and whatever else. I struggle with both of them for different reasons. When it comes to nudity, nudity is the most natural form of a human that there is. There is literally nothing more natural than being nude. So why is it made to be taboo when violence isn’t? How is it ok to show violence on TV but not a naked human? Take your clothes off at any age and go stand in front of a mirror… boom, naked human. Yet seeing other humans naked isn’t allowed? I really don’t get it.

When it comes to profanity they are just words. They are not inherently bad or good, they are just words. It’s the context and the intention of them that makes them what they are. If you were talking to someone who had never heard your language before and you calmly said a string of “profanity” at them they would have no idea that it was suppose to be “offensive.” It would just be indiscernible sounds to them. On the other hand if you yell and scream something completely innocent at them like “cupcakes! Pies! Candy!” They will likely find that offensive when in reality there was nothing offensive about it. The hurtfulness of words comes from the hurtfulness that you place on them in your own mind. If we teach our youth that saying “fuck” is bad then they will see it as bad, but if we teach them that it’s just another word then it’s a complete non issue. Which brings me to my next point:

Everything is constructed by humans, I’ve gone over that, to that note, issues are also constructed by humans. 99% of all of the shit we get upset or stressed out about is in our own heads and makes no difference at the end of the day. At the end of the day as long as we have food, water and shelter little else matters. Stressing over anything outside of those needs, is nearly always, irrelevant.

Chapter 5: Let’s Talk Religion

All of that other shit up above was basically just the precursor for this one. The big elephant in the room, the question that seems to be thrown at me more frequently than not lately: “What are your religious beliefs?”

I sure as shit don’t believe in christianity. I also don’t believe in any of the other religions out there.

All of these religions are, you guessed it, a human construct. I got massively into reading self help books a few years back, I read a ton of them, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30. After 5 or so I started noticing a pattern, they all were effectively saying the exact same thing. There are only a few key points that all of them use, then they take those points and apply them to whatever they are trying to argue and then they sell the book. Some of them key in on just one of these points, some of them talk about all of the points, some of them key in on one then use the other ones to support it but at the end of the day, they are all harping on the same shit.

Here’s how that pertains to religion. Once you start looking at the points as individual points and not entire chapters of a book you start to discover that it’s old news. This shit has been around for thousands of years. See earlier I discussed humans wanting to put constants on the things they were observing. The same is true of the shit they observed about themselves. They likely observed that being an asshole led to a world of hurt, doing good for others resulted in a world of abundance, taking care of others gave you purpose, so on and so forth so they set out to document these things. To do so they told stories. They told stories like we tell fairy tales to prove a point. They made up characters and exaggerated the details in order to drive home the fact that treating other people like shit is bad. They did this to instill fear in the people, they wanted people to fear being assholes and they wanted to have power over people. Fear, creates power.

So I essentially think that all religion is bullshit created by humans to instill fear in other humans so that the humans who knew the truth could have power over the humans who lived in fear. What’s the highest grossing book of all time again?

The question that I have struggled with since I was a tiny child is “where are we?” Obviously the answer is that we are in an ever expanding universe of chaos that is so vast and huge that humans will never ever have a clue about even a tiny minuscule portion of it. Hell there is still shit here on earth that we haven’t discovered and the earth is tiny compared to just the tiny portion of the universe that we are aware of. I’ve toyed with several ideas throughout the years. I have thought that maybe everything we know exists within just one cell of a much larger organism. I have thought that maybe we are inside of a matrix type scenario created by far more advanced civilizations than ourselves.

Ultimately at the time of this writing I believe that there are an infinite number of universes, infinitely expanding and energy flows freely throughout them. It’s all just energy for energies sake and they all exist for no reason other than they can. When I think about this I think of other creatures here on earth, these creatures aren’t aware of these things, they are here, they eat, they sleep, they reproduce, then they die. So what happens when they die? Well the body which was a vessel for the energy to pass through decomposes into the soil, the plants absorb the nutrients and their ancestors that they worked so hard to continue reproducing are now eating the plants that they helped to grow.

I believe the same thing happens when we die. We just cease to exist, similar to sleeping except we are no longer using energy. Energy no longer flows through us therefore we are just gone. Our soul does technically live on, not in the sense of a heaven and a hell but more in the sense that the energy that once flowed through us has a memory, that energy is just continuously recycled throughout the universe so technically we live on forever but we are not conscious of this fact. There is no way to be conscious of it because consciousness exists in the brain, once the brain dies, so does consciousness.

To live on we must leave something behind, we must share our ideas. By sharing this idea I will live on until the mediums for this document cease to exist. See that’s the beauty of it, nothing lasts forever. Eventually through natural processes of global destruction, volcanoes, hurricanes, tectonic movement, erosion, rain, everything we know will eventually turn back into dust. There will also come a time when the sun no longer produces energy and all life here on earth will cease to exist. Everything we know, everything that we have ever known, everything that ever has been here and everything that ever will be here, will turn to dust. There will be nothing left.

So then what is the point of life? The point of life is to live the hell out of it. This is where 99% of humans fuck it up. We have created this system of hierarchies all based around getting money. We are all so worried about money that we completely forget to live. We get into these routines of going and doing the same thing every single day, and then one day we wake up and it’s over, we’re dead, and we have nothing to show for it.

Again, live the hell out of it. Go do everything you’ve ever wanted to do, go experience new flavors, new smells, new sights, new places, try new things that you’ve never tried, if you hate a movie, don’t finish it, if you hate a book, don’t finish it, in life there is no time to be spent on shit you hate, you must live, and live now and experience as much of the random ridiculous of this chaotic planet as you possibly can.

The experience is different for every single person on the planet, so talk to as many people as you can. Talk to people who have the opposite beliefs as you, talk to people with the same beliefs, talk to people with accents that are hard to understand. Talk to as many people as you can and get their story, see what makes them click. Then after you go do all these things, and talk to all of these people, use the magical power of the internet to share it with the world.

Chapter 6: This Body Holding Me

I want to end this here, with this one last series of thoughts. For a long time I believed that we are effectively our own god. I believed this because we have the ability to do whatever we want, whenever we want. We have the ability to transform the energy that flows through us. We have the ability to dictate nearly every facet of our lives. I no longer believe this because for this to be true then there wouldn’t be able to be an objective world, and there is. 100% without a doubt there is. Despite all of our experiences being different, despite me sitting at this table and having a different vision and feelings about this table than anybody else can possibly have, I cannot deny that this table exists in the mind of other people, and thus we as individuals are not our own “god.” Well not entirely. We are the god of our own universe. Everything we know exists solely inside of our heads, when we die, that version of the universe dies. We have control over everything in our heads, we are the third person omniscient narrator of our own lives, we have the ability to dictate everything in our lives and when random things that we can’t dictate happen to us we have the ability to perceive them in any way that we want to. Therefore we are sort of our own god, but we are not the god of the objective universe but rather only the god of the universe that only exists in our minds. This is why I said to talk to other people about their experience, they are effectively gods of their own universe. I like to think about it like this; every single person that I meet has an entirely unique view of the universe and because of this I can learn from them, just as they can learn from me. Every single person has the ability to completely dictate their own circumstances.

There is however an objective universe and I don’t believe that anybody controls that at all. I think that the objective universe is just a series of chaotic random events. We as humans are one of those random chaotic events. I believe that energy just flows freely throughout it and that’s that. So if you’re set on calling something “god” and having an all bearing, all knowing, powerful eye in the sky then energy would be that “god.” All things here on earth though are just the ideas of other humans. This table included. Someone visualized it in their mind, went out and got the pieces of wood and metal to create it and put it together to the specifications of their vision. This table is effectively someones world living on without them. It is an extension of them, it’s just unfortunate that I don’t know who that stranger is.

Since the universe as we know it exists only in each of our unique minds and our mind exists in each of our own bodies, it is imperative to take care of the body in order to keep experiencing the universe. Diet and exercise are of upmost importance if you want to have the maximum exposure to the universe. If you want to maximize your experiences here on earth then you must maximize your health to give yourself the best odds and being able to do so. Diet and exercise.

Don’t get caught up in the quick thrills that seem great in the moment because they typically are the ones that steal your time.

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